Best Shampoo Bars to buy (in India)

Neha Kandwal
4 min readJun 14, 2021
Picture courtesy: the earthling co.

With the tide turning on plastic use all over the world, one product that is on every zero-waste enthusiast is a shampoo bar. It is being heralded as one of the easiest green-switch (or swap) that one can make to make a baby step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

But, first thing first.

What even is a shampoo bar? Well, a shampoo bar is shampoo in a solid bar form which you can use to clean your hair. And yes, it works the same, even better. There are countless advantages to switch to a shampoo bar. Some of them currently swimming in my mind are:

  • It uses very less water to produce as compared to a liquid shampoo. Quite obviously.
  • It doesn’t need a plastic container to store like a plastic bottle used for liquid shampoo.
  • It lasts longer than its liquid counterpart. So you save money and the environment.
  • It is mostly free of the nasty toxins (bad for us as well as the environment) usually used in liquid shampoos.
  • As it is leak proof, it is one’s best companion for travels.
  • Most shampoo bars are made of natural components and essential oils, so there is rarely use of a conditioner to follow up, cutting down furthermore plastic waste. Win-win.

How To Use A Shampoo Bar ?

Once you’ve found the right shampoo bar for your hair, you can easily incorporate one into your wash day routine.

  • Soak hair with water- Make your hair dripping wet.
  • Wet the bar-There’s no need to immerse the bar in water, just slightly wet it.
  • Lather up-You can either create some suds by rubbing the bar together in the palm of your hands or rub it directly onto your hair. If you choose the latter, slide the bar front to back covering the roots all the way to the tips. Do not make strides back and forth, it might tangle your hair. Cover all hair sections.
  • Work it in- Massage the shampoo into your scalp to remove any product build-up at the roots and then work it into the strands by sandwiching sections of hair between your palms and rubbing together from top to bottom.
  • Rinse thoroughly- rinse your hair thoroughly with water, same way you’d do…



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