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6 min readOct 31, 2019

As a kid, I always used to tune into Discovery Channel or Animal Planet or National Geographic to witness the places and life forms on our mighty planet. That’s how I got interested in the field of Nature and Environment. And thence, started the quest to protect and preserve our planet.

Like me, all humans are extremely empathetic towards nature but in most of us, that feeling has been buried down under due to EVOLUTION. And though, many of us want to contribute towards environment preservation but we get stuck in the HOW TO’s and the WHERE FROM’s.

But worry not, I am here to give you that little Green-Push and Eco-Motivation. If you want to see how beautiful our planet is and what is all that we must try and save, all you have to do is log into your Netflix/Amazon/YouTube account. Yes, you read that right. Your first step to save the planet is to be Aware and Informed.

So, read on the list of environment documentaries/document-series that do the job.

1. An Inconvenient Truth [available on Youtube]

This Oscar-winning documentary about the environment sees USA’s former vice-president Al Gore explaining how man-made climate change has set the clock ticking for the planet. Gore issues an urgent warning on what must be done, and done quickly, to save the earth.

2.Before the Flood [available on Netflix]

Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio travels across the planet to highlight the issues of Global Warming and man-made Climate Change. He also explores how much damage we have already done, how people around the world are combatting and responding to climate change, and whether there is time and scope for repairs.

3.Cowspiracy [available on Netflix]

A documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, that exposes the Meat and Dairy Industry and its practices as well as its contribution to climate change. The main intention of the documentary is to put the spotlight on big greenhouse gas emitters like the Animal Farming Industry that does not get enough attention like the fossil-fuels industry for emitting the majority of the GHGs into the atmosphere and wrecking our…

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